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I have to acknowledge (at least to some degree) that the information I initially put describing what Noarg intends to be is a bit lofty to say the least. To actually put Noarg into practice It would make sense to start off specializing in something much smaller in scope and then gradually work our way up to where I would like it to be. Now, that brings into question what I should start with, and that's where I start scratching my head. In order to get people interested in Noarg and the products we would eventually make, there would need to be a reason to use them over something that already exists. One thought I had was to make a chat client, but Signal is already doing that pretty darn well. I suppose I could fork it, but I'm not sure what modifications I would make to it...

On another note, I think I'm going to add a section to the home-page as a sort of "manifesto" that outlines, in greater detail, what my view of software and tech companies should be.

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, having a blog is fun.

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