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Well...nothing at the moment. Noarg is an idea I had for a tech company that was born out of a generalized aggravation with the tech industry. The privacy of many platform's users means next to nothing to many companies and that's something I have a big issue with. At the highest possible level, my vision of Noarg is a company akin to Google (or any other large tech company with their hands in a myriad of markets), but with a focus on data privacy, ease of use, and integrity. Check out the blog for updates on what I'm working towards with Noarg.


Most people are aware that a lot of the services they use online are actively collecting their data and using it for whatever purpose they want (often under some thinly veiled guise of quality improvement). The problem is that many of these services are so ubiquitous that people often don't have a reason to care because there isn't really a viable alternative. I suspect if there was a viable alternative that provided the same functionality as the more commonly used services, then people would start paying attention to their privacy a little bit more.

Ease of Use

The problem with many (note, not all) of privacy-forward technologies is that they aren't necessarily implemented in the most user-friendly ways. Believe me, I'd love for everyone in the world to be a computer power-user, but the reality is that if you want people to adopt a service or product, it needs to be usable by the general population. This isn't to say that I want to leave power-users in the dust, I rather want to design software / products that gives the user 100% control over it and how it behaves, if they so desire it.


There is a lot of distrust among people and large tech companies (gee, I can't imagine why...). This is another common issue I want to address with Noarg. I believe that heavily utilizing open source technologies will help with this. Even people that don't fully understand "open source" would be able to understand the transparency benefits of anyone being able to see the code being run on devices and services. I also believe that just being upfront (and honest) with people will also build a sense of trust and transparency with Noarg (like simple, plain-English licence agreements, and honest descriptions of what application will and won't do). 


Stephen Owen


Hey, I'm Stephen. Right now, I'm Noarg. The idea is that as I flesh this out more and more, other like-minded people will be added to this section!



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